#1_12: Sound

Maia Urstad, Sissel Lillebostad (Editors)

With this issue, Kunstjournalen B-Post presents an introduction to audio art, sonic art, sound art – art that makes use of sound in one form or another. We wish to inform about and reflect on sound art, both as a phenomenon and a tradition. By featuring a handful of artists with visual presentations of their works together with other works that can be listened to ...

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Sound Art in 2012

Jørgen Larsson

Sound art has now become a very broad field that includes experimental music, sound sculpture, installation, performance, radio art, loudspeaker installations, electronic art, field recordings, and much more

On Listening

Brandon LaBelle

Key to the sound arts is an active consideration of listening as an experience that locates us in the world. The sound arts draw out listening to query how the ear conditions our perception and understanding of things. In doing so, it is my proposal that the sound arts ultimately highlight sound as a specific paradigm, and listening as a performative mechanism by which to reflect on the behaviors of audibility, and what it means to hear and to be heard.

In Conversation with Anne Hilde Neset

Roar Sletteland

- The thing is I'm not a performer. I'm what you might call a professional listener. I think like a member of the audience, not as a composer. Perhaps that makes a difference to the way one arranges concerts. One is also part of a professional field, but not a performer oneself.